Medical Transcription


With over 12 years of experience in medical transcription Emergedata Services provides offshore multi-specialty medical transcription and general transcription services in American English that are tailored to the needs of your healthcare business. Our service suite is built on the latest IT infrastructure and technology and interacts seamlessly with your existing computer systems, thereby assuring easy and quick delivery.

Our key service differentiator is our capability to assure superior quality of transcription with our committed team of over 150 professional medical transcriptionists and editors. Our state-of-the-art facility has a dedicated training division for medical transcription that is headed by medical experts. The division trains over 600 personnel annually in medical terminology, quick comprehension, speedy typing, listening skills and proficiency in online medical transcription software. Only the most proficient and skilled personnel are integrated into our team of transcriptionists.

We transcribe a variety of reports such as:

  • Clinic notes
  • Progress notes
  • Consultation
  • Discharge summary
  • Operative report
  • Patient chart notes
  • Patient histories and physical exams
  • Emergency Room notes

Fields of specialty for medical transcription:
Orthopedics Psychiatry Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Cardiology General Medicine
Plastic surgery ENT Pediatric Neurology
Radiology Radiation Therapy Oncology
Pediatrics Neurology Podiatry
Ophthalmology Immunology OB/GYN
GI/ GU Infectious disease Physical medicine & rehab

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Driven by values of professional- ism and quality, Emergedata Services is a company that specializes in medical transcription and data processing More..
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Emergedata Services is a Nagpur, India-based company that specializes in medical transcription and data processing services. With over 30 years in the field of data More..
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To provide professional and timely services in medical transcription and data processing and ensure quality output for our clients who rely on us to support their non-core processes.
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To achieve leadership and growth through consistency in quality, professionalism and customer service in medical transcription and data management.

HIPAA compliance – All systems used by us are 100% compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Authority Act (HIPAA). Further, we safeguard against any risk of breach of client/ patient confidentiality. The facility is equipped with biometric devices to ensure document security.
Workflow Management – The workflow methodology for our 150 employees follows a structured process that begins on receiving the files and sending them to the appropriate transcriptionist. Our integrated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services enable automatic and speedy file upload and download.
Quality Assurance – Emergedata Services has developed strong quality assurance and delivery capabilities that are maintained by proofreading and quality control stages before final delivery. We are compliant with the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) standards and ensure over 98% accuracy. Some of the steps and procedures of QA process:
  • Patient demographics are verified
  • Designated formats are followed
  • Visual proof reading, electronic spelling and grammar check. Inconsistencies,
    discrepancies and inaccuracies are appropriately clarified, revised and edited.
  • Dictator's style is maintained

Timely delivery – Our end-to-end transcription service provides a flexible turn-around time, thereby enabling you to access patient data quickly and provide timely healthcare support.
>99% accuracy – Our highly experienced team is trained and well-versed with medical jargon, abbreviations and terms. Further, our quality assurance stages ensure the final output is checked for all errors ensuring complete accuracy.
Data security – With strict protocol in document confidentiality we ensure complete data security for sensitive patient records and doctor notes. We also enable data encryption to further secure data during file transfer.
Cost effectiveness – With online data storage and quick turnaround time, you can improve patient health and service by having instant online access to your notes and records. Our competitive pricing system ensures you get the best customer service with quality results.